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How much did you Purposefully Love and Appreciate YOU today?? This year?


Our P.L.A.Y. MATES have a very special opportunity to speak about their 2012 adventure, lessons and blessings on the P.L.A.Y. Experience during this month of December which is dedicated to sharing  expertise, insights and game changing experiences this year.
·         How would you sum up your year?
·         Did you Purposely Love and Appreciate Yourself a bit more than usual?
·         What was one thing you did this year that was special for you?
·         Did you discover a new purpose? If so, what does that look for you?
·         How often this year did you stop to fill your love tank?
·         Did you fulfill any resolutions you made for this year?
·         Did you take time to rest and renew your spirit?
·         What did you do this year to appreciate yourself more?
·         Were you able to transform predictable moments into magical moments of JOY?
·         Are you now ready to honor who you really are?
·         Ready to make that ultimate POWER P.L.A.Y. towards happiness, vigor and balance?

PLAY your part in this month’s ” P.L.A.Y. Experience” where we will use this broadcast to ignite POWER P.L.A.Y. into 2013 with our thoughts, words, insights and intentions.

We will be looking for you to take part or simply be with us on the PLAYGround of Life!

Tune in to a new frequency where together we discover our new blueprint for releasing stress and loving ourselves completely.

Raw, organic Life Conversations about matters of the heart, health, creativity and JOY!


Ombassa Sophera shares unfiltered truths, pure wisdom and a smorgasbord of laughter and FUN to infuse your lifestyle with Streams of Wholeness. We welcome your questions and comments in the P.L.A.Y. Experience!


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