The P.L.A.Y. Experience Radio Broadcast


Have YOU made the decision to P.L.A.Y. (Passionately Love Appreciate YOU!) today?

“As Co-Founder of Life Conversations Radio, I have always been inspired to give a voice back to the world community through our radio station (Life Conversation Radio), via inspired talk, meditations and the many POWERFUL genres of music from artists around the globe.

My passion for creating the P.L.A.Y. Experience each week, is to have a virtual earth base, a field, a playground where people gather globally to mingle and share, who they are, what they are feeling and thinking about life. Whatever their gift, a thought, a word, a song, a poem, it remains on the playground to be used at any time, and is always welcomed.

Similar to the physical playground, you just know that certain people will be there when you arrive.
And then there is that anticipation that maybe you’ll meet someone new and interesting there today, who may indeed have something new for you, a gift that shifts your mind to create more fun in re-designing your life to passionately love and appreciate who you are!” Ombassa Sophera

Join The P.L.A.Y. Experience” and discover a new blueprint for releasing stress and loving yourself completely with raw, organic life conversations, chilling out in a hot spot where listeners gather, hang out and discuss matters of the heart, mind, health, creativity and JOY with others on the PLAYGround of Life.

Infuse your life with unfiltered truths, pure wisdom and a smorgasbord of laughter.Thursdays 7pm Eastern time. Call or Skype in to join the conversation: 347.426.3346 press #1 

How can you step up your P.L.A.Y. game?

 Calling all experts! On the PLAYGround, EVERYONE is an expert at life!

Join in the Life Conversation and take YOUR game to the next level!

Share your gifts of service on the PLAYGround-where all paths in life meet for conversations, fun and excitement–closing gap of cultures, race, age, sexuality, spirituality and class gender.


See you on the PLAYGround!

The P.L.A.Y. Experience on Life Conversations Radio (click to listen to show)

The PLAYcolorfullP.L.A.Y. (Passionately Love Appreciate YOU!) approach holds keys to ultimate well-being  by successfully utilizing the body’s own unique and natural ability to heal itself. The fun, laughter and activities generated in The P.L.A.Y. Experience always stimulate the releasing of endorphins and induced relaxed states.