“Success in life means nothing without true love and pure joy.”

–Do you find yourself feeling a sense of isolation and incompleteness when your not in your busier moments?
–Is life becoming one big moment without any magical moments standing out?
–Ready to make an ultimate POWER PLAY towards happiness wholeness and truth?

POWER P.L.A.Y. (Passionately Loving Appreciating YOU!) Personal Sessions provide an energy, balance and alignment service to restore the power outages of our mind, body and spirit that we notice daily.

Oftentimes our life currents and flow and are drained by outdated ideas, relationships and ways of being that no longer serve our highest good.
We are affected in a myriad of ways which all ask us to release, restore, replenish, renew and remember our original life blueprint.
There is nothing more important now as all around we are seeing a shift happening rapidly in our world. It is time to align with this movement by deciding to look deep inside and reconnect the scattered, lost parts of ourselves to reclaim our wholeness.

POWER P.L.A.Y. provides the avenue to reconnect to that special, unique and powerful aspect of you, creating the complete opportunity and encouragement to Passionately Love and Appreciate Yourself.

Each POWER P.L.A.Y. session is ensured to uniquely zero into past issues guiding you through time to present moment to set in place a new foundation–a new blueprint for future success in relationships, career and simply living a passion-filled life.

Sessions are available between Thursday-Sunday.
Email: booking@iwillplay