P.L.A.Y. Event Producer

Meet Ombassa Sophera

Ombassa Sophera was initiated into the health and wellness field through her love and commitment to find options for ultimate health and well being for her family. After years of study and providing health empowerment events,she began facilitating her signature workshop in 1997, “Taking Responsibility for Your Health and Well-Being”. Since then, she has combined her years of experience and study with her innate gifts and abilities, assisting those who seek solutions to  issues that cause imbalances in their lives. Ombassa continues to integrate natural stress management strategies into her lifework of empowering individuals with practical formulas for ultimate health and well-being. For over 25 years Ombassa has offered books CD’s, theatrical productions, conferences, retreats and other events to assist individuals to address and resolve the effects of all levels of stress in their daily lives. Through her years of experience, she finds stress to consistently have a stronghold on people’s lives–causing such issues as; debilitating illnesses, relationship breakups, unhappiness and depression. Subsequently, Ombassa has developed a unique method of releasing stress, called The P.L.A.Y.(Passionately Love Appreciate YOU!) Experience. P.L.A.Y. restores personal power loss stemming from illnesses, communication breakdowns, conflict, grief, and other life disarray. Using various art forms, creative mind exercises, physically engaging activities and herbal traditions,  P.L.A.Y. provides avenues for immediate resolution, restoration of energy loss and new life blueprints for simple, daily maintenance.

The author of —Soul Journey to TruthInspire Yourself and ABC’s of Nature’s Best Herbal Tonics, Ombassa is an inspired writer, and has written many published articles for magazines globally. She has also delivered two CD’s—SolJoy in Love and Soul Journey to Truthpicture_SJTT_book1BookCoverImageABCsOmbassa presently travels internationally offering POWER P.L.A.Y. workshops, retreats, conferences and personal sessions that facilitate personal growth and excellence for both adults and youth.     Ombassa’s work is been widely received across the USA, Europe and Caribbean and consequently has won awards in the UK and USA for her exemplary humanitarian service.