Tambra Harris

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Tambra inspires total health and well-being while teaching and performing.  For the past 15 years she has been a performer, choreographer, teacher and Rehearsal Director of Giwayen Mata- specializing in dances, songs, and rhythms of the African Diaspora.  She currently teaches dance at Charles R. Drew Charter School where she has successfully developed 3 dance ensembles for students grades 3-8.  Tambra is the founder of Dancing SOL Productions whose mission is to promote unity and philanthropy through artistic and humanitarian projects surrounding dance as it is employed for performance, education, exercise, creative expression, and cultural exchange.


Cheri Maree  

This phenomenal artist from Columbia, SC draws from her many roles as mother, daughter, sister, lover and friend, creating vocals that express her extraordinary experiences. With her combined talents as a singer, songwriter, guitarist , drummer and speaker, Cheri Maree has developed a knack for taking everyday experiences and elevating them to extraordinary heights and FUN!Cheri Maree consistently brings the pure desire to touch, inspire and energize your Soul with music from her heart. Asan inspirational messenger, this “Souljazz” artist brings an abundance of Love to every event.


Margaret Marshall

Margaret Marshall’s life passion is to directly affect peoples lives by inviting them to explore and investigate what their passion in life truly is. Brace yourself for the truth — no rock is left unturned when this phenomenal woman is around! She is affectionately called the”Wonder Woman’s Guru” as she breezes through any challenge life offers—be it spiritual, mental, emotional and in particular, physical. This women is a PURE example of what we all aspire to be ALL the time, in Love, in Laughter, in Peace, Joy and FUN!

Adémola Anifowose

 For over 15 years, Ademola (Ade) Anifowose (pronounced – Annie-Foh-Woh-Shay) has served as a Transformational Agent, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Radio Host, assisting others in recognizing their potential and re-discovering themselves.  He is known as a Master Storyteller and through his stories, he inspires people to see who they really are, enhancing their realization that there is more of themselves they have yet to experience in this ever-evolving life.

Born in London, England. Adémola moved to Nigeria, W. Africa at a very early age. His rich heritage intertwined with his experiences in his homeland Nigeria, USA and here in the UK, have influenced him to work in empowerment  in both Community and Corporate fields.

Adémola has devoted an enormous amount of energy to our youth facilitating workshops and other youth empowerment events. In addition, Adé has volunteered many hours of his time with youth organizations and schools.

With his compassionate nature, he seems to have a unique “Pied Piper” effect on adults and youth alike, and therefore is consistently called upon to speak to children of all ages.

On the radio, he helps his global listeners to break from concepts and cute ideas into applicable principles. He delicately weaves the commonality between humanity into his transformative conversations while at the same time he celebrates each individual’s uniqueness.
His shows have a way of going straight to the heart of the matter, regardless of belief systems, race, culture, sexual orientation, religious and spiritual beliefs. His message goes across the board of division. His listeners describes him as “delightful, refreshing and funny.”
“I inspire people to believe in themselves and trust the process of life.”
He is a regular contributor to the Hillside Truth Center “Truth Newsletter” and has facilitated countless workshops and retreats for adults as well as developed several youth programs (From Boys to Men of Honor, Straight from the Heart, Paving The Way…This is my Dance”).

Living in a world where so many cultures reside, propels Adémola to use many of the art forms essential in bringing enlightenment to people about themselves, their cultures and who they are being.




Monique Sharp

Monique combines her passion of properly nourishing people with sumptuous vegetarian cuisine, with her larger passion of seeing people happy, balanced and whole. She has a love for facilitating events that make people “feel good about who they are”. Monique’s loving and caring nature is contagious, so be prepared to simply want to have a good time in whatever event she is present. She is the owner of Canava Cafe based in Atlanta, Georgia.