The PLAYGround


For 3+ hours, attendees enjoy co-mingling elements of LAUGHTER, GAMES, CULINARY ARTS, DANCE and MUSIC, remembering what it means to take special care of the heart, mind and body through powerful and fun PLAY activities.

All activities and games are designed to include traditional ones as well as those that pair the young adults to compete alongside with peers and adult community members with whom they would not usually hold the same interests towards a common goal.
Community businesses and groups will engage on the playground to create a neighborhood block party-type event.
Creates the perfect bridge to cross the cultural divide interaction with community, students, multi-cultural music, dance and foods.


Taste ‘N’ PLAY – An Edible Journey through the Senses


Experience the “JOY of WORLD CULTURES”...Taste’N’PLAY is a new, fun and informative experience in that takes you on exhilarating journey through your senses.

This excursion through the cultures of the world, provides an edible journey where the food serves as the storyteller for distinct societies. Let your taste buds ride through rich heritages in this spectacular 3-4 hour event where attendees enjoy cultural dance, music and exquisitely prepared cuisine hailing from various cultures around the globe.

*Culinary Explosion * Dance of the Cultures * Energizing Music * 

Come and enjoy a smorgasbord of laughter, exquisitely prepared international cuisine, games, entertainment, art and FUN!