Are you about all work and no PLAY?

As adults we have a tendency to work, work and work!

Daily we struggle to maintain a balance in our work and family lives, so the idea of “PLAY” for most adults is almost foreign.

Did you know that there are successful people who take regular breaks, vacations and time outs – to play, rest and rejuvenate?

Taking time out is an act of self-love and appreciation honoring your spirit, mind and body. Simply put, you are taking responsibility for your own health and well-being.

When you play it promotes rejuvenation of your spirit, healing of the body and clarity of mind. You become more alert at home and work, reconnecting with your life purpose, passion and things that you value the most. This feeling of fulfillment and happiness fills you with a deep sense of gratitude for what you already have, allowing you to become a love generator for those around you.

At our P.L.A.Y. events you will discover how to:

* Purposely breathe life into your everyday activities
* Love the way you creatively express and interact with others
* Appreciate the innate and natural gifts and abilities you hold
* Bring yourself completely to the table to an environment of EXCITEMENT AND FUN

When you Purposely Love and Appreciate You, you become a conduit to create the environment that nourishes your soul and peace of mind.


Gift the Movement
If you support the idea of P.L.A.Y. as a lifestyle, feel free to give a gift of a Love Donation to the P.L.A.Y. Movement where we change lives to a healthier way of being through P.L.A.Y. What you offer, allows us to offer more to those groups or individuals who may be hindered financially in participating in P.L.A.Y. events.